Maa AshtaDasa Bhuja Mahaalakshmi


Sri Sri Swami Santhananda Swamigal attained Maha Samadhi on 27th May 2002. This site was put up by a devotee as a tribute to Swamiji.

The life story of Swamiji and his path breaking service to Hinduism would be the focus of this web site. This site is not connected in any way with the organizations founded by Swami Santhananda.

In this world of hunger,misery and strife, H. H. Santhananda Swamigal has been a beacon of hope and solace to humanity. He achieved enlightenment by arduous Tapas and service to mankind. He is a great Siddhapurusha who is the Living Embodiment of MAA BHUVANESWARI.

H. H. Santhananda Swamigal belongs to the Avadhoota order and traces his lineage to Lord Dattatreya and to H. H. Sadasiva Bhremendra Saraswathi (Judge Swamigal) of Pudukkottai and H. H. Sri Swayamprakasha Bhremendra Saraswathi of Chenthamangalam, Tamil Nadu.

H. H. Santhananda Swamigal installed MAA BHUVANESWARI at Judge Swamigal's Adishtanam at Pudukkottai. In 1967 by Divine Revelation, Swamigal was impelled to found the Om Sri Skandhashramam at Udayapatti, Salem with MAA ASHTADASABHUJA MAHAALAKSHMI DURGA and SKANDA GURU NATHAN as presiding Deities.

The very embodiment of Prema, Sri Sri Swami Santhananda has been the fountainhead of Hindu Dharma and Vedic principles. In his lifetime he has conducted several Yagnas as elucidated in the Sasthras and challenged orthodoxy by bringing to light, guarded Moola Mantras that ensure common good, wealth and peace.

Sri Sri Swami Santhananda is the only sage in living memory to have conducted the DASA MAHA VIDYA YAGNA.